Our Story

Hello, friend!

My family has been bottling our concord grape juice since 2006. The rich, bold flavor and aroma of hot-pressed concord grapes has unmistakably filled our home every fall since then, and this tradition became an annual family event. Not only does our family love drinking pure concord grape juice, but we also love gifting bottles to our friends and serving them with excellent meals when we have company over for dinner. When people asked me where they could buy this flavor experience commercially, I didn’t have an answer. I went searching all over America for it and simply couldn’t find it. 

I visited grocery stores and purchased bottled concord from every vineyard and winery I could find. We even tried to recreate what we make at home by buying commercial concentrate and testing lots of recipes, but the truth is nothing could compare to pure, fresh, unfiltered, not-from-concentrate juice from concord grapes. 

Most of the concord grape juice we found was either filled with preservatives, contained added sugar, water, or was altered in some way. At the very least, it was run through a filter, which makes the juice more transparent and some would call “pretty,” but still took out much of the fresh, homemade flavor and mouthfeel of pure concord.  What we were looking for literally didn't exist for purchase. 

So we partnered with a third-generation family vineyard in one of the best concord growing regions on the planet, to help us bring you Continental Concord, America's best-tasting premium grape juice.  If your grandmother bottled her own juice a generation ago, you will instantly recognize this flavor, but won’t have tasted it since. If you didn’t experience this flavor as a kid, it will be a brand new experience.

Continental Concord has now been served at weddings, corporate events, and Zoom group cooking classes. It’s being served at restaurants table side and at the bar as the premium, alcohol-free option. Companies are sending bottles as sober celebration and holiday gifts to clients, and as inclusive onboarding gifts. You may even receive it when you buy a new home with the right agent! 

If you're celebrating life’s milestones or simply having a good meal, Continental Concord is the perfect way to toast life's best moments. 

Here's to celebrating those memories together! 

The Ritchie family